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Info from the American Life League on all issues related to the right to life of human beings: abortion, adoption, contraception, natural spacing of children, moral and immoral stem cell research, cloning, infertility, euthanasia, care and respect for the elderly and those with special needs.

13-Year-Old Tackles Euthanasia

Lia Mills of Canada: “As a nation we need to kill the pain not the patient.  If euthanasia is allowed, the frail line of trust between doctor and patient would be destroyed.”

Jack Kevorkian: “No Regrets” for Killing People, Regrets His Own Birth

Read the latest from the bizarre world of Kevorkian, who spent years behind bars after he showed the euthanasia death of a disabled man on television

All About God

This website seeks to pose tough questions and seek candid answers about God, Creation, Life, Humanity, and Truth that is found only through God's son, Jesus Christ.

Assisted Suicide Ex Proponent, Dr. Diane Meier, Speaks Wisdom

Here is the transcript from keynote speaker, Dr. Diane Meier, at a recent palliative care conference.

Proposed Futile Care Hospital Policy Would Allow Committees to Overrule Patient Advance Directives

A paper about to be published in the Journal of Law and Medicine promoting a model futile care hospital protocol argues that patients and surrogates be made aware that the hospital has ultimate decision making authority.

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Who is Baby Joseph Maraachli and Why Should I Care?

We should care about a philosophy of life that says that how valuable you are depends on how well you function and a philosophy of medicine that says that if someone is going to die anyway, there’s no benefit in prolonging life.

A Beautiful Thing: Dr. Carlo Bellieni's Mission to the Unborn

Dr. Bellieni urges us to stop treating little preborn, newborn, and infirm people like second-class citizens, denying their personhood and their basic human rights.

Quiet Euthanasia

Dehydrating a patient to death, known as The Third Way, is extremely common, according to the executive director of Hospice Patients Alliance.

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Lord God, thank You for creating human life in Your image.
Thank You for my life and the lives of those I love.
Thank You for teaching us through Scripture the value You place on life.
Help me to uphold the sanctity of life in my church and community.
Give me the strength to stand up to those forces
that seek to destroy the lives of those most vulnerable,
the unborn, the infirm and the elderly.
Today I commit myself never to be silent, never to be passive, never to be forgetful of respecting life.
I commit myself to protecting and defending the sacredness of life
according to Your will, through Christ our Lord.
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