Embrace the Journey

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“Groundbreaking Curriculum Tackles Aging & Dying”


Anglicans for Life produces educational series to help Churches address life and death issues.


Anglicans for Life is pleased to announce the publication of their new 8-week Adult-Education Curriculum Embrace the Journey. This one-of-a-kind educational series is designed to help churches educate and equip parishioners to care for elderly family and church members.


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According to Georgette Forney, author of Embrace the Journey and President of Anglicans for Life, “The church and our culture are aging. There are more than 40 million people in the United States age 65 and over, and 5.5 million of them are 85 or older. We as the church need to be prepared to minister to these people and help family members care for them.”

Embrace the Journey was developed because Anglicans for Life recognized this growing segment of our population and their unique need for ministry and advocacy. Parishioners also need to hear what Scripture teaches about aging, dying, and death.  This Adult-Ed Curriculum educates the people in the pews about the role of heaven in their faith walk and provides assurance of heaven as their home for eternity.

Anglicans for Life also produced Embrace the Journey because the term “end-of-life” for the elderly and terminally ill means something very different in today’s culture than it did 20 years ago. Treating vulnerable people as second class citizens is not something we fear may happen, it is happening. And with it comes a growing disregard for the value of life, especially in the ‘golden years.’ Hastening of death via assisted suicide, the growing number of cases of emotional, physical, and financial abuse and the increasing fear of being a burden puts the elderly at risk. The Curriculum seeks to make people aware of these issues to help them be pro-active in preventing them from happening to loved ones or themselves.

The Embrace the Journey Curriculum includes video presentations by Anglicans for Life President Georgette Forney and interviews with Anglican bishops, parish priests, and experts in “end-of-life” issues.

The weekly topics are:

Week 1 -          Look at what the Bible teaches us about mortal life and eternal life

Week 2 & 3 -   Examine different ways used to hasten death

Week 4 -          Discuss Hospice and Comfort Care

Week 5 -          Advanced Directives, health care advocates when someone is incapacitated

Week 6 -          Review practical steps to prepare for aging and dying

Week 7 -          Funeral Planning and facing the death of a loved one

Week 8 -          The role of the church and understanding suffering, death, and heaven


Anglicans for Life is so grateful for the important and helpful contributions made to Embrace the Journey by the following ministry partners:


Bp. Keith Ackerman

Bp. Derek Jones

Bp. Wesley Nolden

Bp. John Rodgers

The Rev. Geoff Chapman

The Rev. David Montzingo

The Rev. Deacon Dee Renner

The Rev. Russell E. J. Martin

The Rev. Keith Allen

Jessica Copeland Volante, Supervisor, Copeland Funeral Home

Rita Marker, President of The Patients Right fo Life Council

Julie Grimstad, President of Life Worth Living, Inc.

Mary Kellett, Founder of Prenatal Partners for Life

Cristen Krebs, President of Catholic Hospice

Ron Panzer, President of Hospice Patients Alliance, Co-founder of Pro-Life Health Care

Alex Schadenberg, President of The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Anne Hennessey

Bobby Schindler, President of The Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network


CLICK HERE TO ORDER: Embrace the Journey

Or CALL AFL: 1-800-707-6635 Monday-Friday, 9 - 5 ET

Click HERE for FREE resources to help you promote Embrace the Journey in you parish!


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